Join a pursuit and a community that develop wellness (beyond just great products and good practices). Wellness is a mindset. A beautiful lifestyle. A goal. And we've put a lot of thought into it.

    OUR MISSION iTvanila wants consumers to see value beyond just physical health, to complete and wholesome health. Rest and fulfillment can reach the inside with help from the outside. iTvanila thus promises to enrich relaxation, health, and well-being in your home and in your life.

    Aukey Group, the family of brands that houses iTvanila, is spreading globally! Our global consumer products sell worldwide, and we're based in America, Japan, and China. Our core strength is that we excel in rapid design, innovation and product development with exceptional execution in e-commerce and customer support-all to make life a little more enjoyable. Through our four brands, iTvanila, and Aukey, we strive for effortless healthy living, practical outdoor enjoyment, and easier home and lifestyle upgrades.

    WE ARE COMMUNITY-FOCUSED Community and inspiration go beyond even the most amazing product. Our consumers are wonderfully intelligent and independent, but they're smart enough to stay grounded with communities that resonate with their own values. Wellness and design-those take collective development. The right products (and their surrounding communities) relate.